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Decades of Experience

For almost three decades, I’ve collected Civil War relics and historical artifacts. That love of history has become my retired passion. I sell, buy and trade quality relics that tell the story of our history. For without understanding our history, our future won’t be as rich. Contact me today to learn more about the items you see for sale, or items you may have in your possession, or feel free to check out my show schedule.

If You have a items related to the Battle of Franklin please contact me.


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Learn more about my available artifacts or contact me to discuss relics you my have to sell or trade.

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About Me

MY NAME IS Bruce hohler

I started collecting Civil War artifacts in the 1970s because I’ve always been fascinated with our nation’s history. Over the years, I’ve worked with museums, historical preservation societies, personal collectors and celebrities to expand their collection. As a past member of the Battle of Franklin Trust Board and the Carnton Plantation Board, I’m committed to preserving the history of this nation in words, actions, and artifacts.



I stand behind the authenticity of my artifacts. I strive for honest customer service, and I am committed to keeping the history of our country through the meticulous preservation of historical artifacts.